About me

I am Békési-Marton Gabriella, metalwork and enamel artist, goldsmith.

I design and create enamel jewelry since 15 years, recently I graduated as goldsmith too. I work mainly with copper and silver, I use various techniques. Sometimes I case gemstones or enameled pieces into the metalwork jewelry, sometimes I add soldered and/or hammered features to the enameled earrings, pendants etc.

Purchase item: please click on Order at the current item and fill in the form. Then I email you, let you transfer the price, then I send the package. In case of multiple ordering I sum them before mailing you.

Delivery costs: HUF 500 in Hungary,   HUF 1600 in EU   and HUF 2000 anywhere else.

The site is under permanent construction, the ordering functions unperturbedly.